Build Data Infrastructure service

Managing the exponential increase of data is one of the key challenges that today’s IT businesses must deal with in order to sustain in modern competitive environment. Successful data management guarantees freedom from operational downtime, swift implementation of regulatory compliance guidelines, less risk of information leakage and cost-effective business processes. Yet, most enterprises strive while developing data infrastructure that is agile, scalable and responsive.

Appyhub’s Data Infrastructure Service is dedicated towards enabling our customers with strategic leadership against the competition, while reducing the cost of data infrastructure management. By putting to use our years of experience and in-depth expertise, we proactively assist our customers in developing and managing data infrastructure that delivers the best value for money.

At Appyhub, we are committed to develop a detailed understanding of our customer’s personalised business requirements. In pursuit of this objective, we emphasize on creating a close collaborative environment that facilitates our customers to reach out to us as per their convenience. Not only we share ideas and evaluate the pros and cons of potential strategic approaches, but also by integrating highly experienced resources, the latest technology and industry acclaimed best practices, we guarantee that customer’s requirements are met.


Build Data insights & Analytics pipeline service

Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) dominated business environment demands that enterprises develop a robust data ecosystem that provide them with critical business intelligence (BI) and thereby guarantees competitive advantage. Yet, industry experts opine that enterprise data is mostly unutilised as most businesses lack the efficiency to generate the best value through the evolving data technologies. In order to garner the true value of enterprise data, modern businesses, therefore, must develop a reliable data insight & analytics pipeline.

Appyhub’s extensive experience, powered by our world-class resources, ensures that our customers receive high return on investment (ROI) through data analytics. Our closely weaved collaborative environment creates a seamless avenue for customers in overcoming data silos. Our custom data insights & analytics pipeline service effectively leads to the formulation of a data supply chain that ensures uninterrupted BI flow across customer’s organisational structure. The end result is improved decision making that opens up new scopes for establishing leadership in competitive environment.

Appyhub is dedicated towards developing data insights and analytics program with personalised attention towards customer’s preference. We ensure that accessing valuable data insight becomes a transparent and simplistic process, so that critical decisions can be made quickly. With us, you won’t miss a single opportunity to enjoy your competitive advantage over existing competition.

Delivering end to end Data Products

Developing a fool-proof business intelligence (BI) ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex for modern enterprises. Not only do they need to migrate large volumes of data, perform system integration and re-engineer the traditional processes but they also require the expertise to create solutions that can perform these tasks with optimum efficiency. To this end, many organisations have great concept and vision but lack the expertise to implement them. Some of them are unsure of whether or not the outcome would deliver the highest return on their investment.

At Appyhub, we are committed to help our customers overcome these challenges. With rich expertise in search engine, recommendation systems, prediction systems, data dashboard, and anomaly detection, we aim to become technology partners for our customers and transform their product visions into successful products. But we don’t just build data products from ground up, we also assist businesses to operate and maintain them with greatest efficiency.

Our strategic combination of knowledge and skill sets, industry acclaimed best practices, established methodologies and use of best-in-class technologies are perfectly tailored to comply with the specific needs of your business — now and as it grows. This means you get the competitive edge to innovate and implement new features that can help you to stay ahead in the race.

Reach out to us today with your queries and we will ensure the fastest access to achieve your desired business goals.


Build Cloud Infrastructure, Architecture & management

Cloud computing, through, no more is an alien idea in today’s business landscape, continues to baffle a lot of organisations. Owing to this, in many cases, organisations’ adoption and implementation of cloud strategy doesn’t comply with the nature of their business, daily work culture and investment plans. Organisations, therefore, are forced to revisit and re-engineer their earlier approaches, which lead to loss of working hour, operational downtime and cost intensive processes that fail to deliver the best return on investment (ROI).

Appyhub’s proven expertise in the field of cloud infrastructure management and architecture development is aimed at facilitating customers by adding to their convenience in navigating cloud environment. Thanks to our close collaboration with our customers, we intimately diagnose their business needs, investment plans and operational strategies. Based on our findings, we enable our customers in implementing the right strategies, so that they, in return, receive the best outcomes, matching their personalised business needs.

Our vast knowledge of working with the leading cloud platforms works as an instrument to offer customers end-to-end cloud consulting and strategic implementation and support services. We are always looking forward to the opportunity of partnering with our customers in terms of managing, monitoring and executing all kinds of cloud-based processes.

Build High concurrency services

The secret recipe of success for today’s IT businesses is data concurrency and data consistency. Data concurrency, quite simply, means that many users have accessibility to the same data at the same time. When developing an application or platform that has billions of systems and users accessing it at the same time, it’s important to make sure it meets the real-time requirements or other specific needs for running all the synchronous tasks.

At Appyhub, we ensure that all the products we build are resilient to handle high concurrent throughput. All our data solutions provide the analytical results that are needed at the appropriate scale and are designed and provisioned for workloads that are accessed by millions of applications, systems, and end users. This means, when you partner with us, your business is fortified to handle demands of any scope, scale or size.


Build Web / Mobile Solutions (Android & IOS)

Modern enterprises must ensure their strong presence on both web and mobile platforms to enjoy competitive advantage. Unfortunately, in many cases, they specialise in developing solutions for only one of the platforms. Cross-platform application development is a challenge that many organisations, across the globe, are striving to overcome but in several cases, outcomes are not entirely satisfactory.

At Appyhub, we are aware about these challenges. Our dedicated team of web/mobile solution developers is always ready to assist customers in overcoming these difficulties. Starting from solution conceptualisation, designing, implementation, testing and final delivery of the product, we believe in working intimately with customers’ team of professionals. Our deep subject-matter expertise, industry tested resources and ability to materialise ground breaking ideas creates right winning recipe for customers.

Our cross platform mobile application development service is aimed at ensuring the best brand presence for our customers. Each product we develop, are rigorously tested in both ideal and real-world conditions before they are launched for Android and iOS platforms. Not only that, we continue to deliver our backend support for the application we deliver. We constantly upgrade applications so that they perfectly comply with the evolving platforms (Android & iOS) and offer end-users lag free, seamless accessibility and performance.