UI/UX Case Study

Tools Used


Project Vision

Co-Create via circular fashion

The time is now, To Reflect on our current thinking, Processes and methods of creating fashion, transitioning from a linear to a circular business model. We as stakeholders of the circular fashion movement, can envision contributing via Co-Creation, being the solution to social and environmental impact via circular fashion

What is DSphere?

Collaborative Digital Tools for Fashion Brands and their end customers to enable upcycling. D/Sphere accelerates the new era of conscious fashion fueled by the co-creation between brands their ability to empower customers to be part of the design process while driving value to garment workers and positively impacting climate change.

Brief breakdown Research, Identifying problems Survey interviews
User persona Finding patterns in users flows
Enhance new methods of user experience, create new solutions for user needs and differentiation from competitor's designs
Finding Solutions Filtering Solutions Prototyping
Testing on DSphere users Taking feedbacks

Project Timeline 10 Weeks

Stakeholder Interview

By understanding what the stakeholders want and expect, the designers can create a product that meets those expectations.

Shamini Dhana

D/Sphere looking for a technology platform that having digital tools to accelerate upcycling. This is what we refer to as Reuse, Repurpose to Re create Fashion using existing fabric and circulating materials. Looking for a Fashion Tech solution, a B2B2C strategy that benefits all stakeholders towards Conscious Circular Fashion?

The mission of Dhana has always been to offer a way to connect people with the planet through the medium of fashion. Today, we are using technology to truly amplify our connection to the people behind the clothes we wear by honoring their contribution as co-creators, and at the same time do our part to reduce our environmental footprint with every new garment made using circularity principles. It is a holistic approach to realizing the value of bringing a piece of garment to life, celebrating the experience along the way, having a deep sense of appreciation for the work done, and accepting the responsibility for paving the way for future generations” explains Shamini Dhana.

In the word D/Sphere, the “D” stands for digital fashion in the digital economy and “Sphere” symbolizes diversity and inclusion in a just and equitable sharing economy - a representation of the circular world. Shamini Dhana is a life-long advocate for giving the unheard worker a voice: “We work with a number of partners that are invaluable to the co-creation process of D/Sphere and as a collective, we seek to bridge the divide in this world through stakeholder representation, technology, fashion, creative expression and Dhana’s pledge to NetZero2030.”

Quantitative Research

AppyHub collected and analyzing numerical data through statistical and mathematical techniques

Does wearing an old shirt take you back to a special memory?/ does wearing an old shirt make you nostalgic?

71% Yes
22% Nope
7% Others

Does customized clothing interest you?

38.7% Yes
51.6% Sometime
9.7% Others

Are you familiar with the concepts of Circular Economy and Climate Action.

58.1% Yes
41.9% Nope

Do you have an habit of retaining old clothes as a token of old memories?

67.7% Yes
19.4% Sometime
12.9% Nope

Have you closely collaborated with a clothing manufacturer for a perfectly customised piece of clothing?

51.6% Yes
35.5% Sometime
12.9% Nope

Qualitative Research

AppyHub conducted user interviews who had done customization in the past with Dhana the parent company to better understand the challenges they faced and their empathy map. Some highlights of the conversation.

Jeffrey Levin

“I love wearing those memories and having the jiggle of events and moments pop up”.

Greg Hemmings

“I love the idea of keeping the legacy of clothes going even when they are too worn out”

Marion Mckee

“I like the ideas behind sustainable fashion and thought this was a unique product”

Lovisa Rubin

“I absolutely love being able to reuse clothes, and see them repurposed in such a beautiful and useable way”

Adán Ortiz

Fashion contributes to a person’s confidence and self-esteem on a daily basis

User Persona

User personas help us to stay focused on the needs of the users throughout the design process.

Akshita Arora

Director of Polish (Nail Spa in Gurugram)

Independent, Creative, Compassionate, Entrepreneurial, Focused, Competitive.



Marital status

Married to a working spouse

Where does she live now ?

India, currently settled in Gurugram.

What kind of house she lives in ?

4 BHK duplex furnished apartment in a gated community.

What is design to her?

She believes in modern and innovative craftmanship and designs like changable Stone rings, pendants and Bangles. She believes in having limited but quality jewellery like hallmarked jewellery etc.She likes to wear Indo-western designs.

What is tech to her?

She believes in the humongous potential and competitive strategic advantage tech can bring into a value chain. She herself uses tech for promoting her business ie the nail spa through various mediums like facebook, instagram, email marketing, google seo etc. She is a firm believer of using tech as a medium for advertising and marketing a brand.

What school did she go to?

Army School Delhi

What drives her?

Gratitude, Competetive & Compassionate

Her current take home salary ?

2-2.5L per month

What class does she travel in flights?


Michael Costello

Creative Director at a digital advertising agency

Independent, Creative, Compassionate, Entrepreneurial, Focused, Competitive.



Marital status

Married to a working spouse

Where does he live now ?

New York City

What kind of house he lives in ?

Modern and stylish urban apartment in a city

What is fashion to him?

Michael sees fashion as a form of self-expression and creativity. He believes that what you wear can say a lot about your personality and can be used to make a statement. He enjoys experimenting with different styles and trends, and sees fashion as a way to constantly evolve and express himself.

What is tech to her?

Michael sees technology as an important tool for his work and personal life. As a creative director, he uses technology to create and edit digital designs, collaborate with team members remotely, and stay up-to-date on industry news and trends.

What school did she go to?

Private School in New York

What drives her?

Creatively, push boundaries, and continue learning

Her current take home salary ?

$12,500 per month

What class does she travel in flights?


Empathy Mapping

Empathy Mapping can help to identify new opportunities and design directions for the product

UX Journey

Discovery phase to the final post-purchase or post-use phase. It is the path that a user takes from the first point of contact with a product


provide a simple, low-fidelity representation of the interface to quickly identify and address any issues with the layout or user flow.

Design System

Design system helps to improve the quality and consistency of design, which can result in a better user experience

Visual Design

Design system helps to improve the quality and consistency of design, which can result in a better user experience


Product front approach like successful brands like Apple, Nike


Shop for one-of-a-kind Upcycled fashion Recreated


Customize your next “new” clothing digitally and Order it to be personalized just for you


Join our community and share your Personal fashion story - the good, bad and ugly

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