Building Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

A scalable cloud infrastructure is a critical driver for competitive leadership in today’s business world. Tech-savvy end-users are always looking for instant delivery of services, which is a major reason behind overburdening of a few network assets. The scalability is cloud infrastructure assures service providers that the infrastructure would intuitively expand or contract according to the demand. Owing to this, workload is automatically balanced by auto scaling clusters.

At Appyhub, we believe in constant innovation and partnership opportunities that enable us in deploying highly scalable cloud infrastructure, matching customers’ business requirements. We don’t believe in relying on legacy systems. Our approach emphasizes on providing customers with an array of choices, from which they use the most suitable cloud infrastructure deployment model, matching their preference.

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Building Custom Data Models For business Needs

The ability of putting to use organisational data in the form of a winning business strategy is the key ingredient for modern enterprises. In today’s data-driven environment, organisations, irrespective of their sizes, accumulate large volumes of information. However, the challenge remains at large in the context of classifying the data in separate disciplines and establishing a robust relationship between different data sets, so that they continue delivering the righteous support towards analytics and decision making.

Appyhub’s vast knowledge of different business processes is instrumental while developing custom data models for personalised enterprise requirements. We combine both tool-based and humanly driven methodologies to create a winning algorithm for separate customers, so that the data model meets their respective business needs, both existing and the evolving ones. Powered by our intelligent support, customers enjoy top-notch business agility, prompt access to the key insights and superior control over tracking and managing organisational data.

Building Platform to train and deploy custom machine learning

Swift uprising of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and artificial intelligence (AI) demonstrate enterprises’ growing inclination towards reducing production cost, errors and time-to-market of their products. However, without a robust machine learning platform it is impossible to train the existing workforce about the changes in legacy work culture. At the same time, companies need to ensure that their machine learning platforms are reliable and secure, so that unfortunate accidents or repetitive error in larger-scale production volume can be avoided.

At Appyhub, we are aware about the challenges that customers face while integrating machine learning systems with their production facilities. Our team of highly experienced developers, therefore, works alongside customers’ team to understand the nature of business and practices that are followed on customers’ production floor. Owing to this personalised approach, we provide our customers custom machine learning solutions that comply perfectly with their business needs and mode of production. We not only use top, cloud-powered machine learning platforms but also modify it through our specialised knowledge of business-specific approach. Due to this, our machine learning platforms are flexible, easy to manage and can be changed from time to time, considering employees’ training requirements.

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Building High Concurrent Services

Appyhub’s expertise in building high concurrent services is highly acknowledged by customers, owing to our impressive track record in delivering solutions and platforms to support a wide range of data management and workloads from high volume data repositories, to departmental and application-specific uses, and high concurrency / high performance throughput.

Benefits of our high concurrent services include:

  • Maximised performance : Our solutions are designed and provisioned for workloads that are accessed by millions of applications, systems, and end users at the same time. This empowers your business to handle demands of any scope, scale or size.
  • Enhanced scalability : We provide our customers with best-in-class flexibility and scalability, guaranteeing that our solutions comply with the changing market demand as well as the growth of their businesses.

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Building IoT Based Clod Infrastructure

Appyhub’s proven capability in building IoT-based cloud infrastructure is aimed at offering our customers critical business insights that help them enjoy leadership position in today’s competitive market. With every passing year, increasing number of IoT devices is being connected to enterprises’ network infrastructure. However, many companies still don’t possess a reliable cloud setup that can elicit the key business intelligence (BI) by analyzing volumes of unrefined data.

At Appyhub, we use a proven methodology while building IoT based cloud infrastructure. No matter how small or large is the size of your organisation, our IoT-based cloud solution will analyze information that is constantly being generated from users’ IoT devices. Our cloud infrastructure constantly collects information from end-users’ device and analyzes the information in real time. It ensures that customers are constantly aware about end-users preferences, new trending features or any other critical factor that may be dominating the market in the near future. Based on these findings, our customers include new features to their products and thereby enjoy distinctive market leadership over competitors.


Building Native Apps On Top Of All The Above

The enterprises today are always on a lookout to grow their reach for an ever-expanding consumer base. Mobile apps are the essential instruments, driving them towards their desired objective. Unlike other app development companies already in the market, Appyhub specialises in developing native mobile applications. While the hybrid applications often fail to make the best out of device-specific hardware and software configurations and thereby limit enterprises’ reach, our native apps ensure that end-users enjoy superior usability experience. Such smooth experience results into strong brand loyalty and ultimately helps in positioning our customers ahead in the competition.

At Appyhub, we have the necessary resources, both human and technological that make app designing, development and deployment flawless and cost-effective. We make sure about working closely with customers’ IT team in order to develop a robust understanding about their requirement before we launch the application. We specialise in developing native apps for both Android and iOS platforms and ensure that each app goes through extensive device-based testing before they are finally made available for consumers.

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